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Oh Stop The BS! | “Anti-Vax” or Vaccine Safety? – The Arapahoe Pinnacle

NOTE: I left this comment on the story page.

Vaccines do not cause autism. Antivaxxers who eschew vaccines based on this fear also harm their children by ‘leeching out’ the toxic harm from their vaccine-injured brains by giving them industrial strength bleach (MMS), turpentine, chelation, harmful diets and worse.

How about you ask the Autistic community about the harm done to us by the AntiVaxxers and their mistruths all these years. How about that side of the story you all seem to forget, or imagine, doesn’t exist. We are so tired of this nonsense in our name harming children and vulnerable people with preventable diseases.

I am Autistic and a parent to Autistics. You have nothing fair and balanced to this story — you’ve only ganked money from vunerable parents, created hate waves against the autistic community, battle us for our civil rights and human rights, use us as lab experiements in your kitchens, and we get to watch families suffer losing their loved ones and babies in the name of “Autism.”

How about you start looking at the harm this caused an entire minority of people you don’t SPEAK for. How about our lack of health care and access to basic ER and other services?

How about Autistic healthcare … why are we on this nonsense created by conspiracy imaginations? Talk to Autistic people – who do you think helped get Wakefield kicked off … and who’s been fighting this horror of lies all these decades? We have. Where’s that story?

Eve Reiland



All across the United States, a fierce debate is taking place over whether vaccines should be mandatory. While it was previously acceptable for parents to exempt their children from certain vaccina…

Source: “Anti-Vax” or Vaccine Safety? – The Arapahoe Pinnacle

By Eve Reiland

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