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As Seen On Facebook | A message for Kerri You will not intimidate me. | Melissa Eaton

A message for Kerri

You will not intimidate me. I have seen the horrors and abuse you have done to children and I will not stop speaking out about it until you are behind bars for your crimes and children are safe from your harm.

Let me give you a lesson on UGLY

It’s not in ones physical appearance, it’s in EVERYTHING you stand for. It’s how you prey on vulnerable families who don’t understand their child’s diagnosis. How you are there like an evil leach waiting to suck money out of them for your lifestyle. How you are so motivated by fame and money that you care nothing about the damage you are doing to children and vulnerable adults.

UGLY is forcing a tube into a child’s rectum full of bleach while adults hold them down

UGLY is a collection of your victims bloody insides in jars, on plates and on diapers

UGLY is exploitation of of these abused children in videos as they cry about the torture your guidance has caused

UGLY is laughing along as siblings of abused children make jokes about bleach booty washes

UGLY is teaching children they are damaged and killing any amount of self worth they have while subjecting them to emotional, physical and sexual abuse while selling their parents thousands of dollars in products.

By Eve Reiland

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