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As Seen On Facebook | IBI is largely ABA but intensified. … So layoffs in that industry are always good news. |Âûtistic News Feed – Âûtistic News Feed

IBI (Intensive Behavioural Intervention) is largely ABA but intensified.

Abusive of autistics in every way. Unethical of course as well. So layoffs in that industry are always good news.

  • Isabelle Lagerweij Money going to the families instead may be a good thing, increasing choice of treatments. However, do the families know which treatments are effective and are they available in the area? Fingers crossed they don’t get lost in the transition.
  • Nicole Chojnacki “Always good news?” Gee, no more services for autistic kids is good news? I know that these treatments are bad, but have some compassion for families that are now in the lurch with NO help whatsoever.
    • Eve Reiland my thoughts are with the autistic kids suffering abuse in the name of therapy. parents should be up in arms about this as well now that they understand it. Services for autistic adults is about zero. Services for autistic kids that include abuse should…See More
    • LeeAnn Baxter Not all therapy services are “abusive” I agree there are some horror stories out there, but to say that all ABA sevices are abusing people on Spectrum is untrue, many therapists and treatments are extremely ethical. I don’t think it’s fair to rejoice about this unless were documented reports of unethical treatment or abuse.
    • Eve Reiland I don’t agree with conversion therapy on any format. It’s not good for anyone – and it is abuse. I know it’s not understood very well and the people involved don’t understand often the bigger picture of how this affects the child. Studies are coming out about a lifetime of PTSD due to this therapy. When the therapy supports the child, it will look very different than ABA. ABA supports the parent.
    • Lindsay Mohler LeeAnn Baxter ABA causes PTSD. 1. First study:…/322239353_Evidence_of…
      2. Additional study, mirroring the results:…/AIA-08-2017-0016…
      3. Third study demonstrating the ineffectiveness of repetition training for autistic minds:…/oct…/repetition-and-autism.html…

      Also 93% of autistics, according to my organization, do not like ABA. You all aren’t required to study psychology. It’s inhumane.

By Eve Reiland

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