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#BleachCult Threatens Autistic Mom, Amanda Seigler, For Reporting Child Abuse

Amanda Seigler
June 4 at 5:13 PM · 

PSA to the #bleachcult if you even think about going after me or my family, it will not end well for you. This is your only warning.

Note: #BleachCult – you go after Amanda, you go after all of us. I’ve got Amanda’s back and so do thousands of others. You aren’t going to bully anyone into silence for your $$$ gain off Autistic abuse. — Eve Reiland

Now the #antivaxxer #bleachcult is taking on autistic and parent allies for exposing them … bodyguards have to be used by scientists and doctors already.

What are every day folks like us supposed to do with the backlash?

I’ve already been doxxed. So many of us have. Now their going after moms who fight these fake toxic cures and report child abuse to the proper authorities.

How do we keep them safe? Where’s our help?

#actuallyautistic #BanAutismCures #BanMMS

ps bitches like Kerri Rivera think I”m ugly now, just wait. Autism Ugly gonna get real. Quit sending your goons to threaten my sisters.

pss you can kiss my lily-white autistic disabled ass. Twice. … cos I stutteered.

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