Editorial: Northampton makes right call on vaccines, nukes

The Northampton City Council’s effort to boost vaccination rates so kids don’t get measles — a disease that had been declared eradicated in the U.S. nearly two decades ago but that made a comeback this year — or other dangerous communicable diseases is a no-brainer. Source: Editorial: Northampton makes right call on vaccines, nukes

As Seen On Twitter | #TodayInABA: None of the BCBAs at JRC have lost their credentials over using shocks on Autistics … | AutisticMom

  Scott Dueker, PhD  👨‍🎓 💻 ⚫ ⚪‏ @drduek Jun 27     I am absolutely loving the #TodayinABA hashtag. These stories really speak to the importance of providing quality services to those in need of skill building to help achieve as much independence as possible   Erin Ekins‏ @QueerlyAutistic Jun 28     Please do not be selective and see only what …