Wacky Church Under Fire Over ‘Miracle Cure’ | Circa 2016 

  A supposed “miracle cure” for autism is really a kind of industrial bleach, federal prosecutors say, but that hasn’t stopped people claiming to be archbishops of a church from urging desperate parents to use it on their autistic children. Source: Wacky Church Under Fire Over 'Miracle Cure' for Autism Index

Bring Legislation against Toxic “Cures” in the United States! | Amanda Seigler

Amanda Seigler started this petition to U.S. Senate and 28 others My Name is Amanda Seigler and there is a serious problem in the United States. Parents are administering Chlorine Dioxide bleach orally, rectally (through enemas), in humidifiers, baths and topically.  My colleagues Melissa Eaton and Emma Dalmayne have been fighting this behind the scenes for over six years. …