Chicago Quackfest with Jenny McCarthy (aka Autism One) and the #BleachCult | Eve Reiland

2016 conference

Today, in Chicago, queen of the #BleachCultJenny McCarthy, is hawking ‘autism cures’ and ‘recovery’ in Chicago at a 3-day quackfest.

YES, right now, Jenny and friends are sharing how to ‘heal’ their autistic kids – recover them — with bleach, turpentine, chelation, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, zappin the kids brains and so on.

Utter bs.

These facebook groups being busted out are because of her work with Kerri Rivera — and others like her — to ‘heal autistic people’ – from the scientology drop out, who created his own new religion, Jim Humble.

BTW, Generation Rescue — is founding family member of Autism Speaks, Katie Wright, sits on the board and pushes all this crap too.

That’s right, this is our autistic help. These are the ‘cures’ and ‘recovery’ programs they pushed (DAN! doctors included) on parents and taught them to abuse their children in the name of ‘healing’ them. Taught them to ignore distress signs of the child being harmed, and see them as the ‘bleach working.’

Remember who brought us this bullshit.

Remember who made bank off of this bullshit.


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