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Dear Politicians and Lawmakers, I’m Autistic and I Vote … #IAmAutisticAndIVote

Dear Politicians and Lawmakers,

I’m Autistic and I vote. Guess what, many Autistic people are also voting Americans.

Not that you’ve thought about our minority group in this manner … for the most part.

In the past, so many of you, from all political parties and almost all affiliations, have used Autistic people for your gain. That’s not something the Autistic people will forget.

So while you’re pandering to the money and power of antivaxxers and those who seek to cure Autistics, and calling scientists ‘sorcerers’ – Autistics are watching, and we’re not going to forget.

So get ready for it. Remember that big wave of the Autistic kids the charities marketed as “The Burden” the world couldn’t afford? Well, none of those Autistics got ‘cured’ and now are of age to cast a ballot.

Autistics of all ages, we’re pissed off at the violations of our human and civil rights. Ones you’ve yet to help us fight for — but you’ve profited off our backs in fundraising, networking, marketing and more to ‘help’ us.

You considered this generation a burden that would break the world. Now you must accept the fact … the ‘Burden Generation’ now votes.

This wave of Autistics is going to change the world.

Too bad you could have been a real support to us from the start. Instead we got vows of ‘eradication’ and ‘cure.’

No worries, I’ll remember at the ballot box. So will many other Autistics.

Maybe we’ll cure you of lying and spreading misinformation about us.


Eve Reiland


By Eve Reiland

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