Texas legislator accuses vaccine scientist of ‘sorcery’

A Texas state legislator accused a vaccine scientist of “sorcery” after Peter Hotez, professor and dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, expressed concern about the rise in the number of Texas parents opting not to have their children vaccinated. Source: Texas legislator accuses vaccine scientist of ‘sorcery’

Neglected tropical diseases: Researchers highlight expanded benefits and impact of preventive chemotherapy – Outbreak News Today

Almost 15 years after first proposing programs of mass drug administration – now referred to by the World Health Organization as ‘preventive chemotherapy’ – to treat or prevent seven neglected tropical diseases, researchers are seeing both public health gains (in some cases leading to disease eliminations) and significant collateral benefits, including some which weren’t anticipated …

Texas lawmaker calls vaccine research ‘sorcery’

A vaccine researcher in Texas tweeted a map this week that showed an upward trend in vaccine exemptions in the Lone Star State. More and more, parents were opting school-age children out of getting vaccinated. Source: Texas lawmaker calls vaccine research 'sorcery'