Autistic Seka | Stimming | Danijela Turner 

Translation in English.

We are in a park and it’s approaching nightfall so I don’t need sunglasses.

The subject I will talk about tonight is stimming. There is no Serbian word which resembles a similar meaning so I will use the English word stimming.

For those of you who can read and understand English, if you run a google search on stimming, you will find a lot of information written in English. Autistic neurology requires different stimulation.

Stimming is a release (relief re Serbian translation) from emotional and sensory overload. Some examples of my stimming include the following; twirling my hair (although I don’t twirl my hair anymore because I’ve now had it cut short), playing with my hair, biting my nails (although I don’t like doing that as I then don’t like the sensory feel of my short bitten nails touching things), swiping my hand repeatedly across soft textures. This is why I have fake nails.

Stimming is important, natural and healthy to me. Stimming gives me relief from overwhelming feelings and also helps me to relax, think, process thoughts, alleviate anxiety, gives me comfort and is soothing.

Examples of stims I did as a child includes me laying flat on the grass and pulling grass out repeatedly, observing ants and what they were doing, holding my hands out to the sky whilst moving my fingers about to catch rays of sunlight and colours.

Stimming in this manner as a child felt beautiful to me. Some autistic people may also engage in unsafe stims; examples may include banging their head against the wall or biting their arm.

Support people with unsafe stims to use safe stims. For example, people who bite their arms can be given soft stim bite toys to bite on. There is a lot I could talk about with stimming but I can’t do it all in one video. I also couldn’t talk that long in a video in English as it’s too long for me but I will post some videos on stimming from another FB page I follow called Agony Autie.

There is also visual stimming. My daughter paints these rocks with intricate patterns and detail. I could hold these rocks up to the sunlight with their colours and shine and watch them for quite a while. I also like the shine of my nail colour.

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