PTSD Is Not Something You Co-Opt, Kate Swenson. Stop Mocking Real Survivors With Your “Autism Mom” Bullshit. | Eve Reiland

Wow, this takes the cake, Kate Swenson.

Parenting is exhausting and hard. Parenting Autistic kids intense — and hell of a lot more so if you put more focus on throwing pity parties and commodifying your Autistic son’s life in the guise of “feels sharing” on your own personal ‘livesteam” Truman Show.

Now to claim your priveleged, ableist ass is suffering PTSD from the war of parenting an Autistic child?


You have co-opted “Autism Mom” and you’ve co-opted your son’s “voice”, and now you’re going to co-opt a severe mental illness too? All the while comparing yourself to Vets who’ve survived War …

FFS, really?

Well, aren’t you fucking fabulous and a huge fucking fake. Yay, you and your popularity-contest pity party mockery fest of real people who suffer a hell I truly hope you never experience.

May you stay ignoratn of PTSD always. Believe me, I’ve seen your complaints, and you can’t fucking handle it.

Not even the ‘mild’ … much less living with and thriving with severe PTSD.

Guess how many weeks I’ve lived in a psych ward? Come talk to me about real mental illness, bitch.

What you can do is STFU acting like you know this hell – and squeezing martyr tears out while doing it.


Eve Reiland

P.S. Fuck you.

Apparently Kate hasn’t’ blocked me on her blog yet …

  • APRIL 22, 2019 AT 10:59 AM
  • You are unbelievable. You are mocking people who live with ptsd. You are mocking vets who live with PTSD. You are mocking Autistics who have PTSD. To self-victimize yourself to this level is utterly ableist and privileged. You should feel shame for ever acting like you know what it’s like to walk in these shoes. You don’t have a fucking clue what it means – stop your pity party and learn to be a fucking parent. 
    APRIL 22, 2019 AT 11:04 AM
  • Autistic mom here to Autistic kids – 4 Autistic kids ages 25 – 15. Stop commodifying your child while you’re at it. You are the epitome of hollywood autism.
    APRIL 22, 2019 AT 11:12 AM
  • I’m in no way under-valuing what it means to raise kiddos … but this woman … to compare herself tossing pity parties and commodifying her child’s autistic life – and then saying she walks in shoes anything like mine, an Autistic mom to Autistics and my qualifying severe disability that knocked me out of a damn good career is PTSD. The flashbacks, the hell, the FUCKING HELL on EARTH. triggering and losing my hair, my memory, my ability to walk, talk and know what fuckign year its, she can go fuck herself. i’m so pissed and PISSSED off right now. SHAME ON YOU.

4 responses to “PTSD Is Not Something You Co-Opt, Kate Swenson. Stop Mocking Real Survivors With Your “Autism Mom” Bullshit. | Eve Reiland”

  1. I actually found the relevant page pn Kate Swenson’s blog just so I could cite it in my paper on the double empathy problem, pointing out that parents like Swenson claim to have levels of PTSD comparable to combat vets due to the effects of fighting their children’s autistic natures, yet make no mention of the fact that many autistic people (actually) have levels of PTSD comparable to that of children caught up in war zones as a result of such abuse.

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  2. Yep. It’s how I figured out that sweating latex is not caused by so-called ‘Gulf War syndrome’ but is actually a symptom of PTSD. It’s a good job I’m not allergic to natural rubber!


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