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Puzzling Motives: rethinking autism ‘awareness’ – Pittsburgh Current

By Jessica Semler
Pittsburgh Current Columnist

We all know the familiar pattern of checking out at a store and getting asked by a cashier to donate a small amount to a charity or foundation.

“Would you like to donate a dollar to cervical cancer awareness?” Sure. “Round up to the next dollar to end hunger?” I mean, of course. I don’t mind donating a small amount to a good cause. Especially when I’m checking out at Target.

“No, I don’t want to give a dollar, just ring me up for that footstool (which I needed!) and this oil diffuser, cat socks, jelly face mask (whatever that is) and a fuzzy phone charger (okay I didn’t need these).” But why not? That small amount is going to a good cause, right?

The problem is, sometimes it doesn’t.

Source: Puzzling Motives: rethinking autism ‘awareness’ – Pittsburgh Current

By International Badass Activists

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