Cannabis-Themed Beverages Go Mainstream

Cannabis culture continues to step into the mainstream by way of adult beverages. In time for this 4/20, Four Loko is releasing a hemp-flavored malt beverage, engineered to incorporate the distinct flavor of marijuana. Source: Cannabis-Themed Beverages Go Mainstream

No Shocker: Cannabis Industry Remains Male Stronghold, Says New Report

Like many other industries, a notable characteristic of the legal cannabis sector is the dearth of women in leadership roles. Based on a study by cannabis recruiting platform Vangst, the invisibility of women in top-tier roles continues to be an unfortunate reality. Source: No Shocker: Cannabis Industry Remains Male Stronghold, Says New Report

With the mainstreaming of cannabis, there’s also new etiquette to get familiar with. –

As cannabis legalization continues to spread in the United States, old stereotypes of uncouth stoners and burnouts are on the decline. Nouveau “potheads” are less like old Cheech and Chong routines and more like ... your neighbors. With the mainstreaming of everything from cannabis delivery services, apps and designer head shops to the phenomenon that is CBD, there’s also new etiquette …

If You Use Weed, It Could Take Twice As Much Anesthesia to Sedate You

Like with all drugs we take, there are good and bad effects that come with cannabis. But a new study out Monday suggests that one of these bad side effects could be a strange tolerance to anesthesia. It found that Colorado residents who regularly use cannabis needed up to twice as many powerful sedatives before …