“Jilly Juice” Creator Admits Media Coverage Destroyed Her Empire | Katie Joy

Jilly Juice creator Jillian Epperly is mad at the media. In a 40-minute ranting video, she admitted that critical media coverage of her has destroyed her empire.

Source: “Jilly Juice” Creator Admits Media Coverage Destroyed Her Empire | Katie Joy

3 responses to ““Jilly Juice” Creator Admits Media Coverage Destroyed Her Empire | Katie Joy”

  1. I call your journalism irresponsible journalism that is used to bully and slander somebody who actually understands science because you need to get ratings for your patheos blog site. If you understand science my recipe has been tested by an independent lab and it’s an electrolyte and right now you’re running scared because all you can work from is slanderous Bully as headlines and you don’t even study science or understand the science behind this juice and so the only thing that gives you any kind of ratings is if you can go and Bully somebody and that seems to be the ongoing pattern in the media is to bully somebody until they break but unfortunately it’s not going to work with me but you’re trying your hardest to do that and by the way Bruce Wilmot did not die from electrolytes he died from years and years of drug abuse with antibodies over accumulating and tacking his good tissue and you stop doing the juice 3 or 4 weeks before he passed away and guess what he potentially could have lived if you stayed on the juice but we’ll never know won’t we and obviously if you do a titer test J juice would not come up on an antibody count as far as contributing to his death but your bully tactics would contribute to somebody’s death if I was a mentally weak person but unfortunately you’re mentally weak because you don’t understand science and you have to resort to these types of headlines to bully and your rallying your bully troops to see if you could try to take me down but I’m sorry the Empire still stands and your ignorance is still showing self because you’re still giving me air time if I’m so irrelevant


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