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Crimson Âû | Autistics In France Protest ABA, Autistic Abuse

March 30th 2019 | The first #ActuallyAutistic led counter-protest against a Curist parent-led charity in France.

The counter protest is over. And it ended in a general fight.

We successfully stickied to their March with our signs but some excited and belligerent protesters started to throw insults at us and middle fingers.

At one time we were marching in front of their main sign and some angry thuggish girls started to assault us verbally and physically and even tried to rip our signs some parents with their charity Tee shirts wanted (but failed) to punch the face one of our comrades.

I jumped in the brawl trying to separate at one time one angry girl tried to shit crap on me.

I took off my sunglasses to show the anger in my eyes and she began to back off.

Even the president of Vaincre l’Autisme came and showed himself highly violent as violent as he is when he cyber bullies NDs on FB.

He called my friend “Imbeciles”.

Fortunately our counter-protest went well. We have images and sound recording of the fight.

And my friends are OK no harm no bruises.

The fight just began!!!

Louis Brunel



By Eve Reiland

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