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HuffPost Monday’s Daily Brief |Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Mitt Romney’s Test of Moral Fiber | Circa Jan 9, 2012


Dylan Ratigan: Auction 2012: Top 10 Reasons to Get Money Out
Most people think of this as an election, where voters go to the polls and select their preferred candidate. But I believe, and an increasing number of viewers believe, that our political system has become an auction in which the highest bidder wins.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Mitt Romney’s Test of Moral Fiber
Will Romney lead the GOP with the brand of decency that is his heritage, or will he choose instead, to outsource indecency and mudslinging to surrogates and Super PACs?
Michael Smerconish: Sandusky Will NOT Stand Trial. Now About Curley and Schultz…
Permit me one New Year’s prediction about which I am absolutely certain, and two for which I have a strong hunch.
Joanna Dolgoff, M.D.: Healthy Processed Foods: Do They Exist?
It’s unrealistic to think that the average person, who’s faced with fast food and processed food on a regular basis, can start following a completely rigid diet of 100 percent “clean,” fresh or local foods.
Daphne Eviatar: The Latest Skirmish in Afghanistan: Hate to Say We Told You So
The U.S. government can’t credibly insist that the Afghans improve their justice system and treatment of detainees if the U.S. military doesn’t first get its own detention house in order.

By Eve Reiland

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