HuffPost Friday’s Daily Brief | Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: The March on Blair Mountain: A Protest to Protect Our Jobs and Our Mountains | Circa Jun 10, 2011


Howard Fineman: Local News Is Everyone’s (Good) Business
Last week, Gov. Chris Christie blithely used a state-owned helicopter to fly to his son’s baseball game. Our had the exclusive scoop on the chiseling chopper story. I mention this not to brag, but to respond to an urgent question that the FCC asked in a report released Thursday: Can anyone in the business save responsible and responsive local journalism? “It is difficult to know what positive changes might be just around the corner,” the authors glumly conclude. We like to think that we can be part of a positive change.
Gordon Brown: Release the Political Prisoners of Burma
Aung San Suu Kyi has been liberated by our solidarity — and she asks that we now apply the same pressure on behalf of the silenced thousands who remain in detention.
Alicia Keys: Treatment Can Stop HIV/AIDS in its Tracks
Will we end AIDS? Now that we know that treatment can stop the disease, we would be literally getting away with murder if we don’t.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: The March on Blair Mountain: A Protest to Protect Our Jobs and Our Mountains
Union busting corporations have commoditized not just the workforce, but the historic landscapes of West Virginia, using great machines and dynamite to eliminate mining jobs.
Richard (RJ) Eskow: If the President Won’t Do Something About Jobs, Who Will?
For reasons we can’t know, the administration has embraced deficits over putting America back to work. It will continue down this path until its friends and its critics come together and demand that it stop.

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