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Google News Alert for: autism | Circa Aug 13, 2009

Google News Alert for: autism

Autism collaboration: A little less toxins please
There are many theories and suppositions regarding the apparent increase in incidences of autism. One, which I am inclined to agree with, is that there are 
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Special needs 101: Where can I find autism support around Denver?
Denver offers several services and support groups for families living with autism. Here is a breakdown of these groups by county. · Leslie doesn’t currently 
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‘Wings’ event will aid children with autism and disabilities
Sequoyah County Times
Jeff Edwards of Roland plays with his 11-year-old autistic daughter Ember. Edwards, who is president of the non-profit group Developmental Wings, 
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Surfing helps autistic children break through waves, barriers
The Surfers Healing day camp returned to Wrightsville Beach and gave area kids with autism a chance to experience riding a wave with the help of veteran 
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The Star-Ledger – NJ.comNJ expands coverage for autism, developmental disability therapies
The Star-Ledger –
Jon Corzine today signed into law today expansions in coverage for autism and developmental disability treatment. But as the evidence of autism’s 
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Jenny McCarthy has become an avid autism crusader on behalf of her 
Kansas City Star
The actress hit “rock bottom” when 7-year-old Evan, who is autistic, was given medication which kept him awake for four days. He suffered hallucinations and 
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NJ governor signs autism bill
Philadelphia Inquirer
AP NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – New Jersey , the state with the highest autism rate in the country , now requires health insurers to pay for diagnosis and treatment. 
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Project engages students with autism in farming
A farm in England engages students with autism spectrum disorder in regular farm tasks. “Being in touch with the farm’s daily rhythms gives them security 
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Jenny McCarthy Describes Pain of Autism to ‘Cookie’ Magazine
Jenny McCarthy hit “rock bottom” when seven-year-old Evan, who suffers from autism, was given medication which kept him awake for four days. 
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Alley Katz to host 21st birthday party to benefit autism
Midlothian Exchange
Blydenburgh decided to celebrate his 21st birthday dedicated to benefiting the Autism Society of America. | photo courtesy of Tiffany Seay By Amanda 
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

Vaccines and Autism-Robert F. Kennedy Jr & Joe Scarborough-V 
By Rafael Apollo Lido 
Children of the current generation receive 24 mandatory vaccinations. A generation ago, only 10 were required. Through vaccinations, children receive 400x the amount of mercury deemed safe by the FDA. The Hep B routinely given to 
Care2 News Network –
ROBERTS / VOSS / PRIETO (NEW BRUNSWICK) – Legislation Assembly Speaker Joseph J. Roberts, Jr., Assemblyman Vincent Prieto and Assemblywoman Joan Voss sponsored to make New Jersey the 15th state to require health insurers to…
ClearysNoteBook –
Autism Treatment
By Dicky Haerudyn 
Autism is a severe brain development disorder defined by significant impairments in social interaction and communication. The causes of it are still not understood completely, but it affects people quite often, bringing lots of 
Knowledge About Vitamin & Health –
N.J. expands coverage for autism, developmental disability 
By The Autism News 
New Jersey became the 15th state today to enact a law requiring insurance companies to cover the screening and therapeutic treatment for children up to age 21 who are diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities. 
The Autism News –
Trenton, NJ – New Jersey Governor to Sign Autism Bill — VosIzNeias
VosIzNeias is a highly popular, rapidly-growing blog that meets the demanding media needs of the Orthodox Jewish community in New York, across the United States, and around the world. VIN News delivers20080331_vos_about_laptop.jpg 
Vos Iz Neias (Yiddish: What’s News?) –

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