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Jan 17, 2011, 8:30 PM

News 10 new results for autism

British Researcher Wakefield Defends Link Between Vaccine and Autism
ABC News
Evidence Wakefield published in 1998 gave birth to the belief of a connection between vaccines and autism, which ignited a nationwide public health scare …
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Floridians’ autism fears immune to lack of proof
Palm Beach Post
By Stacey Singer The controversial study linking autism, bowel disease and the childhood MMR vaccine was deemed “an elaborate fraud” in England just as Port …
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Autistic adults’ needs ‘not met,’ says Wales charity
BBC News
More than half of adults with autism in Wales say their needs are not being met, according to a charity. The National Autistic Society Cymru said despite …
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Claire Danes Wins One for Autism
Associated Content
A fitting attitude for the actress who played Temple Grandin, a young woman with autism who took tremendous risks. As Dr. Temple Grandin looked on from the …
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Adding More Schools for Autism Just Might Defeat the Purpose
It is the quintessential dilemma for parents of autistic children. Public or private. Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has made an auspicious proposal …
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Charity event for autistic boy
Toronto Sun
By KEVIN CONNOR, Toronto Sun The 10-year-old has autism and Oscar — a black Labrador Retriever — helps Alexander with his daily challenges. …
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Global vaccine efforts offer hope to millions
Washington Post
This is a particular blow to the parents of children with autism, who deserve more explanation and support than they are generally given. …
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Benefits of autism centers showcased in NJ
SOMERSET HILLS, NJ (WABC) — At the Somerset Hills Learning Institute, children with autism get the training and nurturing that they need. …
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From pesticides to Earth Day to autism
The Bloomington Alternative
Autism is a neurological-based condition that, according to the CDC, manifests as “significant impairments in social skills and communication” and has …
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Family is a case study in vaccine, autism link
Her oldest, Nicole, was vaccinated and developed autism. One child was partially vaccinated. The three youngest haven’t been vaccinated, but two of them …
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Blogs 5 new results for autism

Autism and Mother-Blame
By Liz Ditz
On the surface, the old idea of the “refrigerator mother” causing autism and the new quack idea of vaccines causing autism might appear to have little in common. However, as Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick notes, they both rest on the same …
The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism –

Balloon Juice » Salon retracts autism-vaccine link article
By DougJarvus Green-Ellis
They should have done this a long time ago, but credit to Salon for finally retracting the report they published (jointly with Rolling Stone) in 2005 linking vaccines with autism. The report was authored by Robert F Kennedy Jr., …
Balloon Juice –

Research links freeway proximity to autism | eats shoots ‘n leaves
By richardbrenneman
One of the strangest afflictions affecting modern humans is autism, a change in brain circuitry that radically alters the fundamental being of the afflicted, cutting them off from the comforts of human contact. …
eats shoots ‘n leaves –

Families and Autism (Dr. X’s Free Associations)
By DrX
Her observations are especially helpful because she’s honest and not encumbered by the rules of the polar extremes that often dominate discussions of autism. I have experience working with adults on the spectrum (really on the spectrum) …

Dr. X’s Free Associations –
Facing Autism in New Brunswick: New Brunswick Autism Services: Pre …
By Autism Reality NB
We had a good turnout Saturday at the Wu Centre for a meeting to re-organize the Autism Society New Brunswick which has been dormant for 2 years after making huge gains in advocating for provision of pre-school and school autism …
Facing Autism in New Brunswick –

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