Finding My Voice – My Autistic Dance

Looking back through my school reports recently prior to my autism assessment, I was reminded how seldom I used to speak to anybody. One of the earliest labels I acquired was shy, and my teachers i… Source: Finding My Voice – My Autistic Dance

Why I Read – CrankyAutistic

I don’t get this question that often, but I do ask myself it a lot and I do see it around a lot. I just wanted to make a semi-discussion post, I guess, on the reasons why I read and how it al… Source: Why I Read – CrankyAutistic

A Virginia Family’s Story Of Recovery: Sadness To Hope – Pete Earley

Ray, Connie and Andrew Neil Maternick  (Family photo used with permission) (3-11-19) Dear Pete, I’d like to tell you about how far our family has come since a hot July day in 2013 when our middle son, Andrew Neil, experienced a psychotic episode and thrust a kitchen paring knife into his younger brother, Kyle’s forearm.Click …

A Stunning Live Concert Film of Queen Performing in Montreal, Digitally Restored to Perfection (1981) | Open Culture

The legend of Queen is immortal. It needs no further burnishing, not even, some might argue, by the most recent Oscar-winning biopic. The film may gamely recreate the stagecraft of Britain’s most operatic export. But once you’ve seen the real thing, what need of a substitute? Source: A Stunning Live Concert Film of Queen Performing …