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Mother of Confusion: 29 weeks pregnant and counting | Circa Feb. 26, 2009

Bed rest bites. Regardless of what some people think, it’s not a vacation. It’s hard work. Serious work.

Slowing down, much less coming to a dead stop, isn’t easy for me. Between family and work I over schedule my life on a daily basis. Isn’t that what moms do?

The first few days I did OK. Well, physically. I reclined on the couch while my brain went berserk. During the day, while Jimmy was at work and the kids at school, I thought the walls were going to implode. Or worse, they were breathing like a house in a 1970s horror film. I was trapped.

“It’s like cabin fever. I get Jack Nicholson’s character in ‘The Shining’ now. I feel him.” Why would anyone want to be holed up like that?

Jimmy responded with a quote from the movie. A talent of his.

“So glad I get to work from home at least. That saves what little sanity I have.”

Still, after another few days, the pressure became too much. I’d started my new meds and received positive results from the hospital tests. Feeling confident it would be OK, I pressured Jimmy to let me escape. I justified sitting at the stylist watching Craig get his haircut was no different than me waiting at the lab for blood work.

The next week I took it to another level and attended the wedding of my close friend. This time, I was exhausted before I left the house. It was my body’s signal that I was overdoing it — I went home directly after the ceremony and slept most of the next day.

After that, I stayed down. I didn’t need to be told. It was difficult though. We needed groceries, the house cleaned, the kids tended to and just another bazillion little things. Jimmy was working long days and coming home to handle the household. On the best days, it took both of us to manage it.

I tried to ignore the accumulating dust and floating dog hair — instead focused on what had to be done. First and foremost, we needed food. Thankfully my mother-in-law jumped in. I created a list and she and Jimmy did the shopping. Then I had to find a better way for Craig to get to school. My driving him daily wasn’t going to work. There were other things that needed to be figured out, but it was a start.

Another biggie, I had to find a way to feel useful. Jimmy came up with a solution — we’d start getting ready for the baby. Something we hadn’t done previously. We had a few boxes of clothes that had been passed our way. He’d wash and I’d fold. The pink, Dreft-scented explosion was a pleasant reminder of why we were working so hard.

It was the nudge I needed. Now I’m grateful for the hours and days we’ve accomplished. When I’m feeling cramped and crazy, I do my best to focus on the reason. Watching the 50 different baby shows on daily helps. That and working from home on my laptop, having visitors and chatting on the phone do too.

Each morning I wake and am thankful, we can count another day done.

Genevieve Hinson is a writer, wife and mom to two boys. More of her adventures can be found at

By Eve Reiland

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