Misdiagnosis of Autism in children of color

The prevalence of autism diagnoses in the US has more than doubled since 2002, according to Spectrum News, an independent news source with a focus on autism research founded by the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI).

This increase in diagnosis is relatively equal across socioeconomic groups, but the overall total percentages of children diagnosed with autism is still significantly greater for upper class, male and white children.

“White children are about 19 percent more likely than Black children and 65 percent more likely than Hispanic children to be diagnosed with autism,” the article from Spectrum News said. According to a 2017 study by the American Journal of Public Health, socioeconomic factors cannot fully explain the disparity in diagnosis across racial and economic groups.

“Everything is a little bit more complicated than we thought,” Maureen Durkin, lead researcher and professor and interim chair of population health sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, told Spectrum News. “We’ve been trying to understand the racial and ethnic difference in prevalence, and it isn’t so simple as that it’s explained by social class.” …

Source: Misdiagnosis of Autism in children of color

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