Cody Clark’s A Different Way of Thinking at Rogue Fest | Fresno, California

Louisville, KY based magician/autism advocate Cody Clark will be performing his theatrical magic show Cody Clark: A Different Way of Thinking at the 2019 Rogue Fest, a celebration of independent theatre taking place March 1st-9th at venues in Fresno’s Tower District. In his show, which is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year, Cody uses the arts of magic, comedy, and storytelling to give audiences a first-person account of being on the autism spectrum.

Since Cody feels his autism makes him see things differently, he uses his magic to share his thought processes with his audiences. His routines are placed within his life story, starting at birth and ending with his graduation from the University of Louisville. Audiences will get to join him in experiences ranging from visits to his Memaw’s house, being on church T-ball teams, his discovery of the art of magic, and the pains of high-school dating.

Cody has been performing magic for fifteen years and this particular show for five years. He performs it at fringe festivals across the U.S., including Orlando Fringe, the U.S.’s largest fringe festival, Kansas City Fringe, where his show won Best of Venue, and Pittsburgh Fringe, where he won the Spirit of the Fringe award. Aside from this show, he frequents the Midwest’s monthly magic show circuit and performs a children’s show themed to railroading called Conductor Cody. His entrepreneurial skills combined with his artistic take on magic led to the Society of American Magicians awarding him their 2017 Rising Star of Magic award. And last year, he got to share the Louisville Palace stage with Las Vegas magic legend and fellow Louisville native Lance Burton.

VENUE: The Revue, 626 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA

SHOWTIMES: Sat. March 2nd – 2 PM, Sun. March 3rd – 3:30 PM, Thur. March 7th – 7 PM, Fri. March 8th – 8:30 PM, Sat. March 9th – 2 PM

TICKET PRICE: $12 with purchase of $5 Rogue Fest wristband. Multi-show passes for Rogue Fest also available. Can be purchased at or at the door.

Source: Cody Clark’s A Different Way of Thinking at Rogue Fest

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