Big news week for Autistic Lincs | Callum Brazzo

Hello there! Callum Brazzo here, continuing to make Autistic Lincs.

First off, there WILL be exclusive content coming soon on the Autistic Lincs Facebook page, I promise!

Alright, well it’s been another manic week with news to report and especially news to hone in on.

Katie Price saying that she needs to put her autistic son Harvey in residential care (confirmed last Friday as official) because he is ‘danger to himself’ and ‘scares other children.’

Marshall Bourne suffering a fractured neck after being assaulted in Tunbridge Wells and, at the time of writing, without a formal statement because the police force don’t have a specially trained officer to ensure the integrity of any evidenced supplied by Marshall.

In these two stories alone, you have the stark contrast of ‘protection’ and peril.

I highlight the word protection because of the supposition involved in what the danger is here …


Austistic author and performer Callum Brazzo with this week’s Autistic Lincs.

Source: Big news week for Autistic Lincs

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