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Protest the All in a Row play’s use of a puppet.

Join us as we stand outside protesting the use of a dehumanising, patronising and degrading puppet to represent and actually play the part of a non verbal autistic child.

There are plenty of autistic actors who could have played such a role, had they wanted to be involved in such a thing. Clearly written by and for parents, the company have shown no ability to relate to how they have mass insulted autistic people the world over.

A petition is currently at over five thousand signatories to stop this play happening. Yet still it goes on, which gives us all an idea of how irrelevant the voices and experiences of actually autistic people can be to the world.

So come join us and make it clear that autistic people are self determining and not manipulated puppets. This is the night the press are visiting. So you could have a little chat with them?

Yes, the Police are expecting us. You don’t have to do anything except be present.

Source: Protest the All in a Row play’s use of a puppet.

By Eve Reiland

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