Feb. 2: Dad, You Were My Hero … You Turned Me Into your Villian | Carly Fleischmann | #IStandWithCarly

I’m going to share a very private conversation between Carly Fleischmann and her father.

Carly is autistic and non-verbal. Her communication is written. So the conversation I’m sharing here is a screen shot of her words to her dad.

It was my hope to not share this … that someone would’ve been able to connect with Carly by now and support her, and get to the bottom of this for her health and safety.

I’d rather this didn’t play out over the internet. I have exhausted every option, person and network to find someone that can help. We have a lot of noise, outrage and support for Carly in our community — and it seems no power to actually help her.

If Carly’s family is hiding abuse – silencing Carly — then I MUST STAND here and keep pointing my finger, yelling and saying THIS IS WRONG. PAY ATTENTION. Carly needs us.

This sucks. I’m sorry to publish these words that were sent to me, but feel so hopeless to get Carly true help.


And I will NOT STAND DOWN until Carly can confirm her safety and that she is getting REAL HELP for the abuse she reported.

Where is Carly? She can communicate — stop silencing her.


Eve Reiland

February 2, 2019

Text of image:

Not taking it down

No no she is selfish

Dads comments on my fb is what he was saying to me and was wrong.



It makes me sad.


Serves him right.

Stop filibustering

Stop my feelings *unclear word*

Not talking *unclear words*

If he gets shot *unclear words* with that

Dad you were my *unclear word* hero and you turned me into your villian. when your job was to save me.

Don’t have your friends lay on top of me and giggle when they do it.

I’m not taking the post down.


6 responses to “Feb. 2: Dad, You Were My Hero … You Turned Me Into your Villian | Carly Fleischmann | #IStandWithCarly”

  1. Could we make a grand effort to contact Ellen Degeneress? I know it may seem bizarre, but she once talked about Carly on her show, and Ellen recently revealed her own childhood sexual abuse, so perhaps she might choose to be of some help? Maybe any of Carly’s youtube talk show guests? This is so troubling.


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