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The ongoing battle for accurate representation for autistic people

Autistic writer and performer Callum Brazzo with his weekly column, Autistic Lincs.


Hello there! Callum Brazzo here, continuing to make Autistic Lincs.

Fresh off the comedy club last weekend at the South Holland Centre, I witnessed the joys of laughing together as one community. One of my autistic community’s own, Britain’s Got Talent finalist Robert White, was the headliner and he delivered.

Though he did cleverly intermingle aspects of both his autistic and gay identity into his act, anybody in any art form can and will draw material from themselves. It wasn’t done egotistically, it’s merely easy to pull from what you know and Robert’s set in particular drew my attention.

I was talking with someone last week about why I am so doggedly focussed on autistic issues and my reasoning is rooted in the fact that, for far too long, autistic people (and indeed the gay community) have been and still are a marginalised group, so it made me personally ecstatic to see Robert succeed on BGT but also to attract and keep an audience entertained. And we’re not talking ‘inspiration porn’ (“Aww, isn’t it amazing that the autistic man is a comedian.”)

No need to bring pity parties because if his comedy was no good, it wouldn’t matter if he was autistic or not…but the Funhouse Comedy Club last Friday wasn’t about that for so many people. …

Source: The ongoing battle for accurate representation for autistic people

By Eve Reiland

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