Parents rally to protest provincial reforms to autism supports | #ABAHarms, Good Riddance to #AutisticAbuse.

Sweeping changes to the Ontario Autism Program will give families a “childhood budget” until each child turns 18.


Note: Sweeping ABA away is a GREAT thing. Many autistic kids will now not need the PTSD therapy for life … and may their parents learn about autistics and better ways … ABA is 100% conversion therapy and is teaching the autistic child they must “mask” and “pass” to be accepted as a human.

Meaning, never accepted as themselves. Time for the lies these parents have been fed by the Big Blue Machine, Autism Speaks, to dissipate and truth be set free – then we can work on real support for all autistics. Only when acceptance happens can we have real supports for autistics in place

For the record: ABA is 100% non-acceptance of an autistic child. Think about that.

Acceptance is an action. Help #ActuallyAutistic and allies fight for a better future for all autistics.


— Eve Reiland


The new program, however, will sweep away the provincial funding some parents already have for Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), a heavily-researched therapy that aims to increase improving language, academic and social skills and decrease problem behaviours. The therapy’s more intensive version is called Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI). A child taking IBI may spend 25 hours or more a week in therapy at a cost of between $60,000 and $80,000 per year.

Source: Parents rally to protest provincial reforms to autism supports | Ottawa Citizen

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