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Celebrities Tweet for Autism! Please VOTE to help us stay in the top 5! | Circa Jan 19, 2010

Tue, Jan 19, 2010, 5:46 PM | Newsletter

Think Autism. Bulletin

Posted by Aimee Allenback Cohoon

Thank you for reading!
Help the cause:I Read This

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are supporting autism by tweeting our voting link on Twitter (@jimcarrey and @JennyfromMTV). Holly Robinson-Peete, Deirdre Imus and Doug Flutie have also given their personal and organizational support to this effort. 

It’s awesome to have so much celebrity support for this cause. Why don’t you tell your friends? You can retweet Jenny or Jim’s message on twitter and ask for votes! 

We are currently in 6th place and really need your help to get the word out for votes! If you haven’t already – please vote now: 

If you have voted please go back to the voting link above and click ADD to PROFILE on the left. This will add a nice note to your wall letting your friends know you voted and how to vote. 

Show your support for autism – encourage at least 5 friends to vote right now! 

Chase the hope!

By Eve Reiland

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