#SayMyName & The Wave of Neurodiversity Co-opt | Eve Reiland

I’m seeing a huge wave of autism organizations (that don’t include autistics and have denied us our voice for decades) now inserting neurodiversity, autism community, and other “inclusive” statements in name changes, in marketing changes, and in advertising changes — BUT NO CHANGE to what they actually do — so they won’t name us anything but trolls, piranhas, a mob, and so on — but now their co-opting our movement to “seem” inclusive — and are doing the same damn thing.

Don’t fall for this shit my non-autistic friends. Don’t fall for this parents of autistics. This is a sign that we are heard, our community activism is being incredibly noted, and now instead of rolling up sleeves and evolving into truth and actual support and help for autistics – their co-opting our civil rights movement and revolution into their lip service to keep the funds rolling in.

Even Autism Speaks has hired some tokens and jumped in the gaslighting ND game.

#ActuallyAutistic are here. We see you.

I know you see me.

How about you start treating us like humans, start acknowledging we fucking exist out here instead of ignoring us and changing your marketing plan to “deal” with our successes — and only as lip service.

Here, even better, how about you start referring to us by our names.

We have them. You know them. Believe me, I know you know who I am.

So how about you say my name.

#SayMyName and start behaving and acknowledging we’re people.

Eve Reiland

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