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Snapshot | About Autism / Spectrum Disorders: Is Autism Caused by Heavy Metal Poisoning? | Circa July 10, 2008

Jul 10, 2008, 7:45 PM | Newsletter

Autism / Spectrum Disorders

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from Lisa Jo Rudy

Just a few days ago, a major news story noted that the NIH was considering the possibility of studying chelation (removal of metals from the body through drug therapy) as a tool for treating autism. This story has caused a major ruckus in the autism community. Find out why – and make your own perspectives known.

Should the NIH Study Chelation? Take the Poll!
Should the NIH spend time and money on studies that investigate chelation? Take the poll, and make your opinion known.

The Dangers of Chelation: A Doctor’s Perspective
A medical doctor discusses his concerns about chelation as a treatment for autism.

The Biomedical Debate
Biomedical interventions for autism range from supplements and special diets to hyperbaric oxygen chambers and, of course, chelation. What is the biomedical approach to treating autism – and why is there a debate?

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