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Google News Alert for: autism | Circa July 16, 2008

Wed, Jul 16, 2008, 9:01 AM | Google News Alert for: autism

Illinois Governor Proposes New Bill To Cover Costs Of Autism
Rod Blagojevich of Illinois is pushing a bill requiring insurance companies to cover the costs of treating children with autism
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Policing kids with Autism is a new challenge on the beat
The Capital Times – Madison,WI,USA
These recent Wisconsin cases all involved individuals with autism, a devastating brain disorder that impairs judgment and communication. 
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Children with autism have to wait years for
Fermanagh Herald (subscription) – Enniskillen,Northern Ireland,UK
BY AILEEN MURPHY Children with autism in the Western Health Trust are having their human rights breached, a charity has claimed. Children here have to wait 
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Wataniya Sponsors Autism Documentary
RedOrbit – Dallas,TX,USA
15–KUWAIT — Award-winning 2007 documentary ‘Autism: The Musical’ was shown at Salmiya’s Al-Fanar Cinema on Sunday evening. The heartbreaking real life 
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Autism advocate gives tips to educators for dealing with challenges
Press-Enterprise – Riverside,CA,USA
Both milestones are proof, she told teachers Tuesday, that children with autism continue developing long after others give up on them. 
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Further Evidence For Genetic Contribution To Autism
Science Daily (press release) – USA
ScienceDaily (July 15, 2008) — Some parents of children with autism evaluate facial expressions differently than the rest of us–and in a way that is 
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Caltech Finds Further Evidence of Genetic Autism Link
Pasadena Now – Pasadena,CA,USA
Some parents of children with autism evaluate facial expressions differently than the rest of us–and in a way that is strikingly similar to autistic 
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ACC hosting group presenting autism workshop
Jamestown Sun – Jamestown,ND,USA
The Anne Carlsen Center will host an authority on autism from the East Coast to present a workshop in Fargo that will focus on the TEACCH model of working 
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Autism Treatment Costs Should Not Fall on Insurers
California Healthline – Oakland,CA,USA
 of the California Association of Health Plans, wrote letters to the editor in response to a Los Angeles Times article on the cost of autism treatment. 
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

Autism Speaks Through Very Cute Tees
The shirts from FiveHumans, like the Autism “Mind Speak” tee, helps get the word out about this developmental disability that’s now affecting a whopping 1 out of every 150 US children.
Cool Mom Picks –

Legal Bombshell in Autism Omnibus Proceeding!
By Kim Stagliano 
In what can only be described as a legal bombshell, the government has withdrawn two of its three expert reports claiming that thimerosal has no connection to autism. The expert reports are from Dr. Thomas Clarkson…

Pressure to Study Chelation?
By Kristina Chew, PhD 
Nature also points out that the very premise of the study rests on an unproven hypothesis about autismbeing caused by mercury poisoning. While more and more scientific evidence disputes a link between mercury and autism, a tour ’round 
Autism Vox –

The CDC Vastly Underestimates the Autism Menace
By (Dr Kevin Lau) 
The time has come for everyone to stop referencing the Center for Disease Control (CDC) statistic which states that 1 in every 150 children has an autism spectrum disorder. Did we really ever believe the numbers the CDC presented to the 
Dr Lau’s Optimal Health Newsletter –

Autism and Early Detection
By Dr. Stan Gardner 
Autism is a multi-factorial disease with many causes that can vary from child to child. The causes are subtle and often interact with each other, making diagnosis and treatment especially challenging. This can be frustrating for the 
Stan Gardner, MD –

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