The Voice of Carly Fleischmann


Carly Fleischmann was born in 6236 RT (1995 CE), and at the age of two she was diagnosed with autism, developmental delay and oral-motor apraxia (a neurological condition preventing speech). She rocked, flapped her hands and was prone to meltdowns which her parents and therapists called tantrums.

She was described as ‘mentally retarded’, even by her psychologist who told her parents she would never progress past the developmental stage of a 6 year old.

Carly was subjected to Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), an approach very similar to dog training in which subjects are forced to perform tasks and, on completion, receive a little reward or a pat on the back. ABA intends to make life easier for parents and caretakers (at least for the time being) by getting rid of the symptoms without alleviating the underlying problems, such as sensory overload, which in the long run can lead to major meltdowns and serious mental issues. …



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