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Google News Alert for: autism | Feb 8, 2010

Mon, Feb 8, 2010, 8:30 PM | Google News Alert for: autism

Both Parents’ Ages Linked to Autism Risk
New York Times
By RONI CARYN RABIN Older mothers are more likely than younger ones to have a child with autism, and older fathers significantly contribute to the risk of 
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Temple Grandin, animal science expert, autism advocate to visit Abilene
But she praised the way the film helped underscore the sort of “visual thinking” that has characterized her life as an autistic person — one who despite 
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CBS News (blog)Gigi Jordan, Socialite Who Killed Son at Posh NY Hotel, Thought Devil Cult Was 
CBS News (blog)
Jordan told the detective her son would type on his computer to communicate the abuse to her since his autism affected his speech. Hood said the boy, 
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Kids with Down syndrome, autism and other special-needs kids find calm and 
Dallas Morning News
As a child with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, a condition on the autism spectrum, Alexander struggles to control body movements and use appropriate 
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Expert to present autism workshop in La Verne
San Bernardino Sun
The two-hour autism training and informational workshop is scheduled for 6 pm on Feb. 

Google Blogs Alert for: autism

Autism Odds Double For Kids Born To Moms Over 40 – Disability Scoop
By Michelle Diament 
Older mothers are more likely to give birth to a child with autism, largely irrespective of the father’s age, a new study finds.
Disability Scoop –
Vaccine and Autism Study Formally Retracted by British Medical 
By Melly Alazraki 
British medical journal The Lancet formally retracted a flawed study linking vaccines to autism last week, after Britain’s General Medical Council ruled that disgraced researcher Andrew Wakefield had acted unethically, dishonestly and 
DailyFinance –
Maternal age & autism link | UC Health
By alecrosenberg 
Advanced maternal age is linked to a significantly elevated risk of having a child with autism, regardless of the father’s age, according to an exhaustive study of all births in California during the 1990s by UC Davis Health System 
UC Health –
» Worldwide services to mark Autism Sunday on 14th February 
By autismsunday 
Services in many nations will be held to mark the first major disability event in the calendar – AutismSunday on 14th February. Autism campaigners have used the occasion to lobby and campaign on the issues concerned with autism and 
Blogger News Network –
Oakley Eyewear Fights Autism : The Eye Zone – Eyeglasses 
By The Eyeglasses Guy 
Oakley will donate $20 to Talk About Curing Autism with each sale of the special-edition frames, TACAOakley Fuel Cell and TACA Oakley Ravishing.
The Eye Zone – Eyeglasses, Sunglasses… –

Google Web Alert for: autism

Autism risks detailed in children of older mothers – Yahoo! News
A woman’s chance of having a child with autism increase substantially as she ages, but the risk may be less for older dads than previously suggested, 
Age of mother affects child’s autism risk: study | Reuters
CHICAGO (Reuters) – Being an older mother significantly increases the risk of having a child with autism, but being an older father only increases the risk 
Will Retracted Study Affect Autism Activism? – Sharon Begley 
But it’s not likely to affect the anti-vaccine movement.

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