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Sun, Sep 13, 2009, 9:29 PM | Google News Alert for: autism

Men’s Ice Hockey Hits The Diamond To Benefit Autism
Quinnipiac Bobcats
The Quinnipiac University men’s ice hockey team played the Hamden Police Benevolent Association in a charity softball game to benefit autism at Hamden High 
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Study urges early intervention to tackle autism
ABC Online
Researchers say the findings of a two-year study will help doctors treat children with autism much sooner and make a vital difference to their lives. 
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Law failed to protect sexually abused autistic teen
He didn’t think his 16-year-old autistic stepdaughter had a boyfriend. He opened the envelope, unfolded the letter inside and started to read. 
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Auxiliary to Host ‘Autism: The Musical’
Jefferson City News Tribune
The award-winning documentary “Autism: The Musical” will be shown at 1 pm Sept. 27 in Jefferson City as a free program hosted by St. Mary’s Health Center 
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Caryn Sullivan: Vaccinations and autism –weighing risk
Pioneer Press
By Caryn Sullivan An autism diagnosis turns a family’s life upside down. The complex disorder may not manifest uniformly, but the accompanying heartache is 
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Study by Flinders University detects signs of autism in first weeks
The Australian
A WORLD-FIRST study on siblings of children with autism is showing that signs associated with the behavioural disorder appear in babies in their first weeks 
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Raising autism awareness
MARTINSVILLE — This year’s Walking with Autism event hosted by the Morgan County AutismFoundation had a change of location that seemed to be a better fit 
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Family deals with challenges of autism
Times Daily
The Willis family of five includes two children with autism, Jackson and Andrew. Significant problems developing nonverbal communication skills, 
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In step for autism
It rained on the autism walk for the past two years, but Saturday’s sunshine brought out a record number of more than 600. The fifth annual Walk Now for 
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WANEWalk raises money for autism research
FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Hundreds of people took part in the 4th annual ‘Walk Now for Autism‘ event at the Allen County Fairgrounds, Saturday. 
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AutismParents.NET! » Google Flu Trends meet Google Autism Trends?
By admin 
Maybe Google can put their super algorithms to work on Autism Spectrum Disorder questions. The possibilities for this technologies seems endless. In addition to the spread of infectious disease, you could probably also detect side 
AutismParents.NET! –
Eye Movements May Help Detect Autism in Babies | The Autism News
By The Autism News 
Included in the array are social images, such as people and faces, and objects that are often of high interest to children with autism, such as trains, cars and computers, as well as objects that may be less appealing to children with 
The Autism News –
AGE OF AUTISM: TACA and Howcast Team Up to Help Families Dealing 
By Age of Autism 
Managing Editor’s Note: This is appearing in the TACA newsletter. Thank you to TACA for providing actionable info for families with a newly diagnosed child. Do you know of a family with a newly diagnosed child with autism? Not sure…
Family ties compel some scientists to tackle autism « Virginia Hughes
By virginiahughes 
Cindy Molloy had practiced pediatric emergency medicine for a decade when, in 1996, her daughter Shannon was diagnosed with autism. Molloy, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, 
Virginia Hughes –
Is autism the basis for the Jungian archetype Wise-Fool? – General 
But then, I’ve long thought that Autism is likely what gives the Shaman and the Wise-Woman those qualities that set them apart from the tribe and cause them to be revered as more sacred, gifted or evolved. They may see lights and hear 
Wrong Planet Asperger / Autism Forums –

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