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Well, today’s Jared’s Bday | Circa May 23, 2006

Tue, May 23, 2006, 1:58 PM | Email From Me To Friend

well today’s jared’s bday. he’s doing his big party in june with his friends. I had another meeting with his school yesterday and looks like he won’t be moving on to the eighth grade.

It took me three days and close to 40 phone calls but I finally found a place that’ll diagnose and knows what the hell they are doing. going to be $ but it’s worth it.

I’ve got his name on a list for an assessment from a resource place here – it’s a 6 month wait, but he might qualify for some of their services — which means they’ll pay for it too.

 I talked to the person there – and she said the reason I’ve had such a hard time finding someone who was qualified to diagnose was because most still don’t know or understand it.

It’s only been the last 2-3 years that these kids have been getting help. It was just passed not to long ago – a federal law- that the schools HAD to help these kids.

The valley is way under staffed with child psychologists — much less neuro-psychologists. One psychiatrist had a waiting list longer than a year.

 I’m conflicted about his being retained — but I think in the long run it might be a good thing for him. He’s in no way ready for eighth grade.

Maybe by high school he will be in a special school for kids just like him. I read up – most college professors are believed to have this.

I just don’t want him to be devastated by it. His dad and I are working on this 30+ page assessment — more paperwork than we did for the adoption! 

May 23, 2006, 2:38 PM | Email From Me To Friend

Thanks for sharing with them.  He’s totally shut down at school atm. I haven’t shared with him about being held back — I think I might need him with a counselor by the time that happens.

He’ll be hurt by it I think — another blow to his self-esteem. He did seem interested in a school that was filled with kids like him. Prob a relief to him socially if it was.  

He’d love to e-mail with you. He’s been chatting online to strangers and is upset because I put an end to it. It’s hard – typing/writing online is the one way he can connect with folks because body language isn’t a factor but it’s not safe for him to make friends there.

I’m looking for kids his age that might be online that he could connect with. Or anyone at this point – he has no outlets and is so pent up emotionally.

I have to be his mom – I can’t be his buddy/friend too. And I know at this age that means I can’t be his confidant.  

We’re at a start – a beginning.. this is the end of confusion. That’s how I’m approaching it. We find how he needs to learn, needs to communicate and then we go from there.

 He has one friend at church and one friend at school. At least there’s that. 

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