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Podcast with “Bunnytown” creator & great autism reads | Circa April 8, 2010

April 8, 2010 | Newsletter Sent From My Blog

A Momologue first (podcast) and super-mega-great autism reads!

  Recently I had the opportunity to interview David Rudman, creator of “Bunnytown.” 

Rudman — also known for “Jack’s Big Music Show,” Baby Bear and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, and The Muppets — chatted about his silly carrot-loving bunnies.

You can listen to Rudman chat about his new series “Bunnytown” here. The podcast link is at the bottom of the post. 

Big thanks go out to Nick Belardes for spotlighting the podcast and autism awareness posts on ABC23 in Bakersfield, California.  

Oh yeah, if you listen carefully to the podcast, you can hear me ask Rudman a question about special needs kids and autism.

On that note, Autism Awareness Month is going strong. Everyday there are more bloggers joining forces and sharing their stories. We are currently 127 bloggers strong. 

Check out the highlighted posts below and the links to the left.Thanks for being a subscriber!



The Zen of Autism, by Traci Arbios

I was so tired, but the physical exhaustion was nothing compared to the emotional exhaustion. We’d been up since 5:00 a.m., driving down to LA for a three-hour meeting with a specialist at UCLA Neurologic Center who had tested my son a few weeks before. My son’s father had insisted on having the doctors at UCLA run the full psycho-educational battery exam in the hopes of finding out what was “wrong” with Trevor. Truthfully, I was skeptical.
Read more here …

Autism touches everyone, by Mammaren

I recently read this article entitled The Vaccine-Autism Court Document Every American Should Read from The Huffington Post and it stopped me dead in my tracks. I decided to blog for Autism in April for many reasons. Reasons that are personal and familiar. But also, because I believe that Autism touches everyone.
Read more…


Videos: Do you see what I see? Autism redefining language

Watch the stunning, eye-opening videos by Amanda Baggs and this young man. You’ll change the way you define language and rethink your understanding of communication. Watch videos here.


Adult diagnosis: Blessing or curse? 

Getting a diagnosis of high-functioning autism or Asperger’s as an adult can be difficult. Many of the symptoms are masked with learned ‘typical’ behavior. Read more here. 

Autism is not another word for being a jerk

Empathy, according to some, is what makes humans “human.” Anne C., author of Existence is Wonderful, writes about her concern.

“My concern is that if autistic people are culturally defined as “lacking empathy”, and if people aren’t exceedingly careful to define their terms (which they often aren’t), and if “empathy” is widely considered to be a precursor to conscience, then we’re basically being written off straight from the get-go.” Read the full post here. 

Autism covered by insurance? Not!

Brillig, pen name for the author of ‘Twas Brillig, writes about the discovery of her son’s autism and how his treatment and services weren’t covered by insurance. Read more … 

That’s Autism with a capital A

This mom, author of The Quirk Factor: Resistance is futile…, always capitalizes the A in autism. Read her post here. 

Autism: Keeping it in the closet

If you’re autistic, should you tell? An anonymous blogger, author of Whose Planet Is It Anyway?, writes about her frustration with the media. Read more here.

No more bullies

This mom, author of A Girl for all Status, writes about replacing discrimination with compassion. Read her passionate post here. 

Getting a diagnosis

How do you know if a child is autistic? Karen, author of A Deaf Mom Shares her World, writes about meeting a little girl named Sarah. The different types of behaviors Sarah exhibited made Karen realize there was more going on than vision and hearing loss. Full post here. 

Daily dedication

This mom, author of Another Piece of the Puzzle, commits herself to writing daily tips and information on her blog this month. Read about it here. 

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