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Intro To Toki Wartooth | Circa Aug 9, 2007

Thu, Aug 9, 2007, 7:33 PM | Email From Jared To Me

Before I give you links, I wanna tell you. The guy with the scarf and hoarse voice is Nathan Explosion.

The blonde with the guitar is Skwisgaar Skwigelf. The red-head dreadlocks with the beer is Pickles. The guy with the afro-like hairdo is William Murderface.

The one with the long brown hair is (Of course) Toki Wartooth.

What happened in this episode is Toki cracks because he hates being the kid guy. Pickles get to drink (A LOT), Skwisgaar get to “Screw chicks” as Toki puts it,and Murderface gets to go onto the Celebrity Spelling Bee show. Toki says “Screw this, I’m gonna go all brutal now.”

So here’s there clip of when he snaps:

All because of a sick dieing girl Toki realises what he’s doing and all his brutality goes away. The girl made a music video of her singing a song using a Guitar Hero controller(lol).

When it goes into the dream land with Toki is in Toki’s head. Here’s the music video:

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