Google News Alert for: autism | Circa Jul 12, 2008

Sat, Jul 12, 2008, 8:45 AM | Google News Alert for: autism

Study reveals water’s role in rare autism
Scotsman – United Kingdom
SCIENTISTS have discovered that water plays a key role in causing an autism condition affecting one in 100000 girls. The insight into the cause of the 
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Autism and a Link to Brain Development
U.S. News & World Report – Washington,DC,USA
It’s been an amazing year for discoveries about autism and genes-and it’s only July. The latest news: Some genes involved in the disorder may affect the 
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Experts, Advocates Tackle Challenges of Autism, Architecture
MarketWatch – USA
An all-day session, “Exploring Assessment and Educational Intervention for Students with AutismSpectrum and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders,” included 
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

Pennsylvania governor signs autism insurance bill
By Patricia Bauer 
Ed Rendell has signed a bill that advocates for people with autism say will make the state a national leader in helping children with autism. It requires health insurers to pay up to $36000 per year toward medically necessary treatments 
Disability News | –

Middle Eastern Families Yield Intriguing Clues to Autism
By Medical News Today 
Source: Medical News Today. Research involving large Middle Eastern families, sophisticated genetic analysis and groundbreaking neuroscience has implicated a half-dozen new genes in autism
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The Autism Card?
By thedramamama 
Bottom line: No. You probably aren’t ever going to know if the 4 year old who is throwing a fit has autism…or if they are just a spoiled brat. So why not give another mom the benefit of the doubt? A little tolerance could go a long way.

Autism Speaks refuses to talk: 1.5 million autistic people? How do 
By Ms. Clark 
Not long ago Michelle Dawson, an autistic adult and autism researcher in Montreal, Canada, wrote that she had tried to get Autism Speaks to explain how they arrrived at their well known number of autistic people in the US(or just 
Left Brain/Right Brain –

Autism and Vaccinations: A Celebrity Smackdown
By Melissa Lafsky 
We’ve written at length about autism at DISCOVER, including the scientific debunking of the myth that vaccines are behind the disorder. But thanks to growing celebrity support, the vaccine-autismmovement has been spreading 
Reality Base –

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