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Google News Alert for: autism | Circa Aug 26, 2008

Tue, Aug 26, 2008, 12:12 PM | Google News Alert for: autism

Vaccines and autism
Arizona Daily Star – Tucson,AZ,USA
I don’t believe that vaccines cause autism. But I understand that many parents are convinced they do, and I won’t change their minds. 
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Autism Speaks Names Susan Maxwell And Marcia Weinstein Walk Co (press release) – Levittown,NY,USA
Maxwell and Weinstein will be responsible for directing the Inaugural Treasure Coast Walk Now for Autism community event on Saturday, February 21, 
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New Hampshire Governor Signs Bill Creating Autism Council – Hickory,NC,USA
New Hampshire Governor John Lynch took the next step toward implementing an ambitious State Plan to improve services to individuals with autism and related 
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Autism’s cause remains mystery
San Angelo Standard Times – san angelo,tx,USA
Pediatricians do not know what causes autism or autism spectrum disorders, but we do understand the frustration of families who want to know the answers. 
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Kids’ vaccinations face risky resistance
Chicago Tribune – United States
Over and over, careful scientific research has found no link between vaccinations and autism. Experts note that autism tends to emerge at the same age 
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Medical marijuana proves a valuable treatment for autism
PR CannaZine (press release) – South Wales,UK
On page 7 of this issue of the ARRI you will find a letter from Ray Gallup, a well-known autism activist in New Jersey whose teenage son has become 
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Connecting with An Adult Child with Autism – Your Advice Requested
About – News & Issues – New York,NY,USA
A reader writes of her adult son with autism: I need help. I love my adult son deeply and want to be there for him, but any mention of him being anything 
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

Mid-morning mash: Star Wars, autism diet, DAN! conference
By sammiller 
The chain launched the experiment in March, after being lobbied by Bill Robinson, the grandfather of a child with autism. The Olathe theater was the second AMC theater in the country to modify the movie experience for an autistic 
Inside Autism –

Autism Among Minneapolis Somalis
By Richard 
Autism, a brain disorder that can cause disruptive and withdrawn behavior, has been rising rapidly throughout the country. The discovery of a cluster among Somalis, experts say, could help scientists shed light on why. 
Exploring Autism –

Sharyl Attkisson’s 3rd autism/vaccine concession
By Kev 
Now, in 2008, it is obvious that the epilepsy and resultant developmental impairment and “autism” are not caused by DTP but, rather, are due to Dravet syndrome (or severe myoclonic epilepsy of infancy), which is a genetic epilepsy with 
Left Brain/Right Brain –

What Should I try First? Supplements for Autism Part 2
By Sarah 
One of, if not the, greatest obstacles to most children with autism’s health is the inability to properly digest food to obtain the nutrients. To answer this problem there are a few options. One is to introduce enzymes to break down the –

Oxford leads the way with autism guidelines
Going to church can be stressful and exhausting for some people – and clergy and congregations need to do more to help. That’s the message in new guidelines published by the Diocese on meeting the needs of people with autism and 
Diocese of Oxford: –

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