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autismDaily update ⋅ June 2, 2016
Nashville Scene
Cool Springs Family Doctor Stops Offering Vaccines, Cites Debunked Autism

 LinkNashville SceneBecause they can cause Autism – yes, I’ve had 15 years’ experience in taking care of ASD kids, that’s a lot of vaccine injury stories from moms.Flag as irrelevant
U.S. News & World Report
12-Year-Old Boy Makes Viral Video About Link Between Vaccines and Autism
U.S. News & World Report
By way of explanation, he says: “I think it might be because there is absolutely no evidence to support the statement that vaccines are linked to autism …

Young Scientist’s Viral Video Takes on Debate Around Autism and Vaccines – The MightyKid scientist Marco Arturo explains link between vaccines and autism, and millions watch his video – Kansas City StarThis 12-Year-Old Kid Really Gets the Whole Vaccinations-Cause-Autism Argument – New York MagazineFull CoverageFlag as irrelevant
The Royal Ball Run for Autism announced as Three Degree recipient for

The Royal Ball Run for Autism has been selected as the June recipient of the Three Degree Guarantee. The Royal Ball Run for Autism will receive $20 …Flag as irrelevant
Right Wing Watch
Anti-Vaxxer: President Trump ‘Absolutely Will Investigate’ Phony Autism LinkRight Wing Watch

A vocal anti-vaccination activist explained last week that she is supporting Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy because she is confident that …Flag as irrelevant
Strategies can help calm children with autism undergoing surgeryKFGO

(Reuters Health) – Surgeons have historically relied on sedation to deal with the distress of children with autism being prepped to undergo an …Flag as irrelevant
Expand proposed autism coverageColumbus Dispatch

Autism affects 1 in every 68 children, a figure that carries significant weight for our school districts, communities and eventually the workforce.Flag as irrelevant
Daily Herald

Their Voice: BrickSlopes partners with UVU’s new autism center for lego conventionDaily Herald

What is different this year is the partnering of BrickSlopes with the Melisa Nellesen Center for Autism at UVU. This association came when the …Flag as irrelevant
The Melton’s First Flight: Wings for Autism makes family trip a realityWLOS
Flying was thought to be out of reach until the family participated in Wings for Autismthis past February at Asheville Regional Airport. The event is …Flag as irrelevant
Roll out! It’s almost time for the Algoma Ride for Autism

It’s almost time again for the Algoma Ride for Autism and organizers tell us riders are fuelling their iron horses and shining up their chrome in …Flag as irrelevant
Khaleej Times
Singer Karthik Kumar perseveres despite autism

Khaleej TimesWhat makes these accomplishments all the more remarkable is the fact that he is autistic. But despite the disorder having restricted his communication …Flag as irrelevant
Looking beyond the autism labe lAutism Speaks

I am always surprised by how many parents of not-yet and newly diagnosed children seem fearful of the autism label. Many keep the diagnosis a …Flag as irrelevant
Is voice a marker for autism spectrum disorder? A systematic review and meta-analysisbioRxiv

Abstract. Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) tend to show distinctive, atypical acoustic patterns of speech. These behaviours affect …Flag as irrelevant
Autism Care Improved, Diagnosis Time Shortened by New MU ProgramMU News Bureau | MU News Bureau

Autism Care Improved, Diagnosis Time Shortened by New MU Program … Wait lists for a specialist to confirm an autism diagnosis can be agonizing …Flag as irrelevant
Webinar to highlight ASF-funded research on sex differences in autismAutism Science Foundation

Webinar to highlight ASF-funded research on sex differences in autism. Published June 1, 2016. ASF fellow Dr. Donna Werling from UCSF will be …Flag as irrelevant
Strategies can help calm children with autism undergoing

By Madeline Kennedy (Reuters Health) – Surgeons have historically relied on sedation to deal with the distress of children with autism being prepped …Flag as irrelevant
ABA Autism InterventionistCraigslist

Play Connections Autism Services, LLC is currently interviewing for full-time Interventionist positions working with children with autism within our …Flag as irrelevant
DNA Damage and Repair in Schizophrenia and Autism: Implications for Cancer Comorbidity and

Schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are multi-factorial and multi-symptomatic psychiatric disorders, each affecting 0.5%–1% of the …Flag as irrelevant
Here’s All The Evidence That Vaccines Cause AutismWrva – iHeartRadio

Take a look at all of the evidence that vaccines cause autism.Flag as irrelevant

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