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Please Support Carly! #IStandWithCarly

UPDATE: The local police have become involved and Carly is now in a safe space with loved ones.

May she have the support and care needed to heal. – Eve Reiland

Carly Fleischmann

Page Liked · 1 hr · Many of you may have noticed that I have not been on social media for the past few months. I told my father about an incident that affected my life regarding his boyfriend. After I told my father what His boyfriend did to me my life changed drastically. My staff started whispering and talking about me as if I was lying or not telling the truth. My father kept on sweeping my statements under the rug. 

I proceeded to shut down when I should’ve stood up.

The truth is that on a couple occasions my father’s boyfriend laid on top of me and proceeded to press his genitalia against my behind rubbing it in a inappropriate motion that made me feel uncomfortable. 

I realize I should not be treated as the villain. I was a victim. His action should never have happened. I was stunned and shocked and did not react. That is not my fault. He should never have done it to me in the first place.

This is not the first time I’ve been assaulted. It will probably not be the last. The thing that hurt me the most was my father’s reactions not to believe his own daughter. Instead he took the opportunity to make me feel alone and made me question myself. 

My birthday mission is to make sure that I stand up for myself and not be afraid of doing the right thing.


  • Frank L. Ludwig Be strong, don’t let them gaslight you any more!Hide or report this
  • Eve Reiland I believe you. You have my love and support, Carly Fleischmann. I stand with you.1Edit or delete this
  • Arthur Fleischmann Carly – I’m sure he was not intending to make you uncomfortable. He thought he was hugging you and i’m sure would apologize if given the chance. Let’s discuss.384Hide or report thisMost Relevant is selected, so some replies may have been filtered out.
    • Kathy Lisiewicz What?28Hide or report this
    • Linda Burns Arthur Fleischmann there’s a difference between hugging and pressing his junk against her. She didnt have to be verbal to know that it wasn’t right. Hopefully she presses charges. You should be ashamed for not believing your daughter. If this is your boyfriend in this photo, and you think this is a hug, you should be arrested too, for allowing it to continue and taking this photo?! 2 scumbags!43Hide or report this
    • Kate Straus You are invalidating Carly’s statements. Just because she is non-verbal does not mean she cannot communicate. You have her last name. If you are a family member and not supportive of her, I’d be ashamed! How dare you!
      EDIT: Arthur Fleischmann, you are Carly’s FATHER??? WTF???114Hide or report this
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  • Shannon Salman-Aziz Carly May be non verbal. But she is extremely intelligent and I am sure knows the difference between a hug and genitals being rubbed on her.36Hide or report this3 Replies
  • Gillian Moore A note to your father:
    Do you have any idea at all how hard it is to have a voice after something like this happens? FUCKING LISTEN TO HER.
    It is your job to listen, believe, respect, empower and trust your daughter. Dont belittle her. Dont make her life more difficult for her than it needs to be. Don’t shush her. FUCKING LISTEN TO HER.50Hide or report this
  • Katie Thompson Crowley Anyone know what city she is in in Canada? I have no problems calling in help for her. She is reaching out the only way she knows how. She is heard! Let’s help her.36Hide or report this10 Replies

By Eve Reiland

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6 replies on “Please Support Carly! #IStandWithCarly”

Carly, we are with you, we believe you and we will do anything you need to support you. #MeToo

Arthur, you should be utterly ashamed of yourself. Your role as a father is to protect her. Not only did you fail to do that, you put your wants and desires above her needs. You have failed as a father and as a decent human being.

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Carly, I 100% support you. No person should endure this from anyone. Any father should know how to sacrifice his wants when it comes to his daughter’s needs. You, Carly, should feel proud for sticking up for yourself and others, and stay strong. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Is there a more powerful symbol of our autistic struggle than Carly? This sends a shock through our collective neurology.. its as if we’ve all been violated.. It makes me so sad… I’m so sorry Carly!

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