10 Ways to Access Mental Health Resources in the UK

Therapeutic Diversity

For World Mental Health Day 2018 I opened Facebook and was inundated with meaningless platitudes, ‘inspirational’ mental health-related quotes from the likes of Matt Haig and Stephen Fry, and vaguely relate-able links to personal accounts of mental illness. All of which was done with the best intentions, but in a day and age where it is so difficult to find adequate and affordable mental healthcare, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of overly sentimental think pieces and feeling like nobody really gets it.

Because of this I decided a proactive thing to do would be to assemble a list of free and/or accessible mental health resources and information that lots of people may not know to look for. Without further ado, here are the points from that original post:

  1. Self-help books can be immensely useful and teach you most of the skills they’ll give you in NHS (IAPT)…

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Who Is Polly Tommey? – I Speak of Dreams

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