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Badass in the Wilds: Tanner Resendez Ep. 2 | Circa May 29, 2016

Published on May 29, 2016


Tanner Resendez, American Badass Advocate, updates on his situation after Adult Protective Services (APS) becomes involved. After APS arrives shit gets handled. They coordinate the arrival of the police come out to interview Tanner and send out a team to collect evidence Tanner’s injuries. They also help him find housing options for the disabled based on 30% of their income. It’s a relief to have an option other than homelessness. Tanner explains how APS is helping him and who they can help. He also reads the brochure about what kind of abuse can be neglect and who can qualify for APS. (This is for Fresno, CA info. APS may have different criteria in other areas. Please call your local services to find out more.) Tanner delays his plan to move to the Bay Area because he needs to attend court for the abuse and get a restraining order. His family doesn’t support his self-advocacy and are pressuring him to drop the case. He refuses to stand down. Tanner signs off with Infected Rain with their song, “Soft Lady.” “Stand up. You are strong. You are worthy. Every life matters. So yeah, don’t be ashamed for having a mental condition.” — Tanner Resendez

By Eve Reiland

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