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About Autism / Spectrum Disorders: How Should We Talk About Autism? | Circa March 4, 2008

Mar 4, 2008, 7:49 AM | Newsletter

Autism / Spectrum Disorders
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from Lisa Jo Rudy

These days, autism is all over the media. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to talk about autism, reveal a diagnosis, or find support and understanding. How should you talk about autism? If you have the option, should you reveal a diagnosis?

Should Parents Reveal Their Child’s Autism Diagnosis? 
A recent study suggests it can be helpful to reveal a child’s autism diagnosis. In general, it seems, people are more tolerant when they know a child is autistic. What’s your experience?

How to Explain Your Child’s Asperger Syndrome
Asperger syndrome is invisible, at least some of the time. At other times, though, symptoms rise to the surface. When should parents tell their children that they have Asperger syndrome? When and how should parents explain Asperger syndrome to other adults?

Should a Mom Reveal Her Teenage Son’s Autism?
A mom wonders whether to have her 16-year-old son tested for suspected autism. If he is diagnosed, how will others respond? What are the pros and cons?

By Eve Reiland

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