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About Autism / Spectrum Disorders: A Holiday Gift for the Autism Community

Dec 8, 2006, 7:25 AM | Newsletter

 Autism / Spectrum Disorders
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from Lisa Jo Rudy

For families coping with autism, the holidays can be unusually tough. That’s why I thought it would be nice to share with one another what we love best about the autistic people in our lives. With your help, I’ll create a holiday “gift” to ourselves, our families, and, of course, the autistic loved ones in our lives.

Please Share: What Do You Love Best About the Autistic Person in Your Life?
Share your favorite moments, joys, discoveries about the autistic loved ones in your life….read more

Developmental Pediatrics and Autism: The Basics
If you have a child who is or might be diagnosable on the autism spectrum, you’re likely to be recommended to a developmental pediatrician. This article is an overview of just what a developmental pediatrician is, what they do, and how to find one.

Book Review: Parenting Across the Autism Spectrum
Parenting Across the Autism Spectrum by Marueen F. Morrell and Ann Palmer is a chronicle of two very different mothers managing life with two very different autistic children. Presented like a handbook, it’s really closer to a pair of intertwined journals.

By Eve Reiland

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