Jim Sinclair’s Web Site 

Jim Sinclair’s Web Site



A note about language and abbreviations used on this site

Why I dislike person first language

Personal articles

Thoughts About Empathy  (1988)

 Bridging the Gaps: An Inside-Out View of Autism  (1989)

 What Does Being Different Mean?  (1992) – editor’s column from Volume 1, Issue 1 of “Our Voice”

 Don’t Mourn For Us   (1993) – a message to parents and other people who care

 Alien Contact  (1997) – a chance encounter in a supermarket

 If You Love Something, You Don’t Kill It  (1998) – a response to Temple Grandin’s writing about her work in the slaughter industry, especially as described in Thinking in Pictures


 Medical Research Funding? (1995) – editor’s column from Volume 3, Issue 1 of “Our Voice”

 Sample university accommodations letter for an autistic student

 Concerns about inclusion, from within the disability community

 Is Cure a Goal?  (1998)

SSigDOGs – Social Signal Dogs & Orientation Guides for Autistic People




*NEW*  “The Story of Isosceles”

Find out how you can help this very special dog, and receive a copy of his story

 History of SSigDOGs

 What do SSigDOGs do?

 A tribute to Horse, the first SSigDOG

 How can I get a SSigDOG?

Workshops & Presentations

 (several years out of date, but if you want to know what kinds of presentations I do, this will give you an idea)


(Intersexuality refers to a physical condition in which a person’s sexual organs have developed in an atypical manner.)

Message & Feedback Center

I am always interested in reading people’s thoughts and comments about the material on this page. But unfortunately I am not able to reply personally to much of the email I receive, particularly to requests for information about specific programs or services. If you click below to leave a public message in my guest book, other visitors to this site will be able to see your message.  Perhaps by looking at the messages that have been left by other visitors, and leaving a message of your own with information about how to contact you, you might find someone who has the information you are looking for.

Click here to leave a PUBLIC message in my guest book

(It may take a day or two before your message appears in the public message section.  I screen the messages before I post them, to make sure nobody posts anything inappropriate or obscene on my web page.)

 Click here to read public messages in my guest book

 Click here to send me private email

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