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Some Memories Break Through The Fog | Circa Oct 26, 2014

Oct 26, 2014, 5:51 PM | Email From Me To My Dad

I remember the house on Ashlan, the black wall heater vents and hiding your cigarettes in the closet. Not sure why I erswanted you to quit then, because I didn’t understand it yet but it made mom laugh and you to play-look for them.

mom got me a book from the library that talked about how babies were made. Read it and then sent me to ask you how babies were made. You were in the shower when I asked and oh boy did you send me out to go ask my mother in a hurry. She laughed a lot. Both of you laughed a lot then.

i remembered mom got a stereo when she turned 25, but she cried more than she should over it but I think that was about her age. 
Hiding under the kitchen table during aftershocks. perhaps that was when coalinga collapsed. 

I remember lying about robbers wearing a black and white shirt when you found me at a neighbor’s house. She had cookies and the rule was not to go into someone’s house, but she had cookies. But if I got caught, I was in trouble. If I told the truth I wouldn’t be in as much trouble.

But I swore that it was the truth knowing if you ever found out otherwise, I’d get my butt spanked. But something tells me you already knew robbers in black and white striped outfits weren’t following me.

I remember Freckles on the divider wrapped in white. He got out of the yard.

I remember a girl I liked down the street that looked different than everyone else. She didn’t play outside often. Now I know she must have had down syndrome.

I wanted to learn to play the piano so bad and it was the first thing I was going to do as an adult, take lessons and get a piano. Yeah, that happened. Guess I replaced that with another language and keyboard set. 

I remember my birthday at rollertown and I got earrings from avon, gold teddy bears. I loved those and dont’ know whatevver happened to them. And a G necklace at some point. 

I see your face, your young face, looking down at me, grabbing my knee and making me laugh and shriek. i remember you carrying me, after I fell off a table at tony and norma’s in the garage and knocked my head. I puked all over you in the er. 

You were wearing a white tshirt. but you weren’t mad. just stinky.

By Eve Reiland

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