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Struggling In School | Circa Aug 3, 2005

Wed, Aug 3, 2005, 7:07 PM | Email From Me To Teacher

Hi Ms. N,

Jared didn’t understand his math homework tonight and I wasn’t able to help him either. Is there a math tutor available after school?

Jared has been struggling with math the past few years and usually does really well when working with a tutor after school. 

Thank you in advance for your help, 

Genevieve Hinson

Aug 5, 2005, 3:35 PM | Email From Teacher To me

Yes, there is tutoring available after school on Tuesday and Thursday for one hour.  During the first quarter since I coach soccer, the tutoring will be with Mr. D. in Rm. D-2.

I’m glad you emailed me because I wanted to let you know that Jared has turned in a couple of incomplete papers and has had trouble settling down in class.

He has been a little disruptive with his giggling and playing in class.  Please speak to him about paying attention in class and completing his work. 

Jared will have a difficult time passing Pre-Algebra if he doesn’t behave and do his work.

I will check and make sure Jared writes his assignment in his planner.  I need your help to make sure he does his homework.  If he has difficulty with some problems, he should come to my room before school to get some help. 

Thank you,

Ms. Narita

Aug 5, 2005, 4:38 PM | Email From Me To Teacher

Hi Ms. N.,

Thank you for your response. We’ll work with Jared at home and discuss with him the importance of focusing on class work during class time and completing his homework.

Do I need to sign him up for the tutoring? I have to admit I’m terrible at math and not able to help him with the pre-algebra homework when he has questions. Also, what time is a good time for him to meet with you before school when he needs help?

Thank you for checking to make sure he writes in his assignment planner. We’ll make sure to check that every night to make sure he does all of his homework before he’s allowed to watch TV or play with friends. During the school year he has to have a good week with homework and class work to earn the privilege of playing video games during the weekend.

I should let you know, confidentially, Jared’s counselor has diagnosed him with Hyperlexia. I’m working on a request for an IEP/504 plan to turn in next week. However, I’m not sure that is going to help him in a learning environment because he doesn’t have a learning disability that we know of. In the mean time if you’d like more information I can send that along.

What you’ll probably notice is that he does have a really hard time with new situations and social experiences or even just changes in the daily routine. He will express that by showing high frustration, moodiness or even signs of shutting down. He doesn’t comprehend verbal language as well as he does visual written language. He does really well with strong structure and written lists of what he has to do or what to expect. I’m sharing this with you because I can only imagine some of his behavior or responses in the future, if not already, may seem baffling.

He had Ms. O. at Schendel last year for his teacher. She knew about this and worked with him in the classroom to overcome some of these challenges. Out of all the years Jared has been in school, last year was the best year he had academically and socially.

On a sidenote, are there any programs for music or drama for 7th grade?

Thank you very much for letting me know how Jared is doing in class. Jared’s dad and I are very committed to supporting you, Jared’s other teachers and, of course, Jared in whatever way we can with his education.

Sincerely, Genevieve

By Eve Reiland

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