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I’m working on a request for an IEP or 504 plan for jared at school. | Circa Sept 8, 2005

Sep 8, 2005, 10:46 PM | Email From Me To A Family Member

I’m working on a request for an IEP or 504 plan for jared at school. We’ve worked with his counselor and his pediatrician to try and get him testing and be covered by our insurance — have had no such luck.

UCLA has a place to test but they charge major bucks to do it. I don’t know if you know what Hyperlexia is – I’m told it’s usually associated with Asbergers.. but who knows, not like I can get offical tests at this point.

His counselor is willing to make an ‘offical’ diagnosis but would rather we got one from the ped. The ped says it’s a psychiatrist issue and bounces us back.

I can request the school to test him and get him the extra help he needs with classes. He does great with the subjects he can read and figure out, but the others ugh. Anyhow I don’t know what kind of testing to request in this request… was hoping you could help me out here. 

Below is a general overview… There’s a web site that explains this more at

Hyperlexia is a syndrome observed in children who have the following characteristics:

  • A precocious ability to read words, far above what would be expected at their chronological age or an intense fascination with letters or numbers.
  • Significant difficulty in understanding verbal language
  • Abnormal social skills, difficulty in socializing and interacting appropriately with people

In addition, some children who are hyperlexic may exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Learn expressive language in a peculiar way, echo ro memorize the sentence structure without understanding the meaning (echolalia), reverse pronouns
  • Rarely initiates conversations
  • An intense need to keep routines, difficulty with transitions, ritualistic behavior
  • Auditory, olfactory and / or tactile sensitivity
  • Self-stimulatory behavior
  • specific, unusual fears
  • Normal development until 18-24 months, then regression
  • strong auditory and visual memory
  • Difficulty answering “Wh–” questions, such as “what,” “where,” “who,” and “why”
  • Think in concrete and literal terms, difficulty with abstract concepts
  • Listen selectively, appear to be deaf

Jared has a real hard time following more than a one step direction, social issues with his peer group but he is getting better — though the teen years are bringing on new issues of how to interact.

His teacher last year was great, she worked him him a lot and got down a routine he responded to well. She wrote down lists of different things he had tape to his desk — seriously obvious stuff to most people but it really helped him out. 

Anyhow — I’ve blathered on enough… he’s jsut going down hill fast at his new school – two teachers — new kids. His teachers are trying but they are frustrated. He’s in tutoring three days a week — I need to request this thing so they can get him more help and get his teachers more help too.

 J. mentioned that I should run this by you — which duhh I don’t know why I didn’t think to before. If you have any ideas what kind of tests I should request from the school – please let me know! 

Thanks and love ya, 


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